Live Coverage of Giro del Trentino - Stage 2

Race overview:

Distance: 220km

Start Location: Lienz

End Location: Arco-Anras

Hello and welcome to live coverage of stage two of the Giro del Trentino.

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Nibali and Landa expected to clash at mountainous Giro del Trentino

Live commentary by Stephen Farrand

  1. 12:35:59 GMT

    We're going to end our live coverage from the Giro del Trentino and focus on Fleche Wallonne, which you can follow on our other live channel. 

    We'll be back with further live coverage from the Giro del Trentino on Thursday. 

    We'll have a full report and photo gallery very soon on Cyclingnews.


  2. 12:34:11 GMT

    It includes two major climbs, including the Fai della Paganella. It is 10km long and ends just 12km from the finish.



  3. 12:32:36 GMT

    The 204km stage starts in Silian in Austria and ends in Mezzolombardo not far from Trento in Italy.  


  4. 12:31:27 GMT

    Thursday third stage heads into the mountains with a tough finale.


  5. 12:30:36 GMT

    In the overall classification, the time bonuses made a difference. 

    Firsanov is second at four seconds, with Cinego third at 14 seconds. Fuglsang is fifth overall at 14 seconds.


  6. 12:28:18 GMT

    Nibali finished outside the top ten on the stage. He warned that he might not be competitive on this short climb after only recently completing an intense altitude camp.


  7. 12:25:54 GMT

    Firsanov and Cunego also impressed today. Both are building up for the Giro d'Italia.


  8. 12:24:58 GMT

    Landa climbs on the top step of the podium and collects his stage winner's trophy and a tray of Melinda apples.


  9. 12:22:35 GMT

    Race organisers have confirmed that Landa has taken the race lead from Agnoli thanks to a ten-second time bonus for winning the stage.  


  10. 12:14:59 GMT

    Jakob Fuglsang finished 14 seconds down and so the race leadership is a close call. 


  11. 12:11:57 GMT

    Landa struggled in the final kilometre and risked being caught but he did enough to win the stage and take the race lead from Agnoli, who finished well down. 


  12. 12:10:56 GMT

    Damiano Cunego finished third with other riders following them in.


  13. 12:10:05 GMT

    Firsanov almost caught Landa with a late chase but ran out of road. 


  14. 12:09:27 GMT

    Landa holds on to win!


  15. 12:09:08 GMT

    Mikel Landa is struggling. 


  16. 12:08:43 GMT

    Here he comes. 


  17. 12:08:27 GMT

    Landa is close to the finish. 


  18. 12:08:10 GMT

    Landa is still away but they are chasing him.


  19. 12:07:15 GMT

    1km remaining from 220km

    Landa leads by 11 seconds.


  20. 12:06:53 GMT

    Sergey Firsanov (Gazprom-RusVelo) is trying to chase Lands.


  21. 12:05:35 GMT

    He leads the chasers by 15 seconds.  


  22. 12:05:17 GMT

    Landa has completed the steepest part of the climb but another kick up remains.  


  23. 12:04:28 GMT

    Landa leads by 200m. He will take the race lead if he can win by 14 seconds.


  24. 12:03:21 GMT

    Spokes of Drapac is not far behind him.


  25. 12:03:03 GMT

    Pozzovivo is there but Landa attacks alone.


  26. 12:02:42 GMT

    Others riders are coming across.


  27. 12:02:29 GMT

    Moscon and Landa are leading for Sky, with Tangert there for Astana.


  28. 12:01:56 GMT

    The peloton is breaking up.


  29. 12:00:46 GMT

    3.5km remaining from 220km

    Here we go. The riders hit the climb!


  30. 12:00:27 GMT

    Team Sky has hit the front again, lining out the peloton.


  31. 12:00:01 GMT

    The climb hits a narrow road with 3.5km to go. That will be the pinch point of the stage.


  32. 11:58:40 GMT

    The climb is 4km long with an average gradient of 7%. However it has some early sections at 11%. 


  33. 11:56:19 GMT

    Gazprom is also near the front.


  34. 11:55:58 GMT

    Drapac is also riding to set up Brendan Canty.


  35. 11:55:15 GMT

    Team Sky has taken up the pace setting at the head of the peloton.


  36. 11:54:10 GMT

    10km remaining from 220km

    Six kilometres to the start of the climb.


  37. 11:53:31 GMT

    The riders are still on the wider valley road but will soon hit the climb to the finish.


  38. 11:51:10 GMT

    The peloton has swept up the final attackers. We have Gruppo Compatto!


  39. 11:49:41 GMT



  40. 11:49:20 GMT

    Astana has moved off the front of the peloton as they prepare for the climb to the finish.


  41. 11:47:49 GMT

    The local band has welcomed the race at the finish area but need to clear the road, the race is coming fast.


  42. 11:45:06 GMT

    As the gaps falls, the riders in the break again attack each other.


  43. 11:43:02 GMT

    The break has just 38 seconds on the peloton now.


  44. 11:42:02 GMT

    The peloton has crossed into Austria, with Astana leading the peloton, with Team Sky lined out behind them. the speed is high as the riders fight for position.  


  45. 11:38:49 GMT

    The 7% climb to the finish will be the first showdown between Giro d'Italia rivals Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) and Mikel Landa (Team Sky).


  46. 11:37:43 GMT

    The finale descends gradually before kicking up to the finish for the final 4km. 


  47. 11:37:07 GMT

    26km remaining from 220km

    The 220km stage has climbed gradually through the valley via Bolzano and is about to cross into Austria.


  48. 11:35:52 GMT

    The Astana team dominated the opening TTT on Tuesday, beating Team Sky.


    Click here to read our stage report. 


  49. 11:34:44 GMT

    The six have been away for much of the stage but the peloton is catching them, with Astana and SkyDive Dubai doing the work.


  50. 11:33:52 GMT

    Giacomo Berlato (Nippo) attacks alone but the rest of the break is chasing him.


  51. 11:31:33 GMT

    As we join the race fir the finale, the early break of six riders is about to be caught. 


  52. 11:29:38 GMT

     Hello from the Dolomites of northern Italy as stage two heads to the finish in Anras in nearby Austria.

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