Live Coverage of Giro del Trentino - Stage 4

Race overview:

Distance: 160.9km

Start Location: Malè

End Location: Cles

 Hello and welcome to the Cyclingnews live coverage of the final stage of the Giro del Trentino.

Live commentary by Stephen Farrand

  1. 16:52:16 CEST

    Thanks for joining us for live coverage from the Giro del Trentino. We'll have more live coverage on Sunday of the whole of Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

    The Giro d'Italia starts in just two weeks time and Cyclingnews will have live coverage of every stage of the first Grand Tour of the season. 


  2. 16:49:46 CEST

    We'll have a full report and photo gallery from today's stage very soon on Cyclingnews.


  3. 16:44:01 CEST

    Kangert wisely waited for the sprint at the end of the stage, instead of attacking today. His plan almost paid off.


  4. 16:39:54 CEST

    Landa was happy to have won.

    "With the bonus seconds it is always dangerous when you arrive with the second rider behind you. When I saw Kangert with Jakob I thought that they would do the sprint but fortunately I had an advantage and I was able to keep the jersey."

    "It is really nice to come into the Giro d’Italia with a victory and it gives me more confidence to go for the jersey in the Giro d’Italia."


  5. 16:30:08 CEST

    This is the provisional top 8 on the stage today:


    1 Tanel Kangert (Est) Astana Pro Team 04:07:29
    2 Matteo Busato (Ita) Southeast - Venezuela
    3 Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Team Sky
    4 Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Astana Pro Team
    5 Patrick Konrad (Aut) Bora-Argon 18
    6 Sergey Firsanov (Rus) Gazprom-Rusvelo
    7 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) AG2R La Mondiale
    8 Romain Bardet (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale


  6. 16:25:03 CEST

    Landa is the first Spaniard to ever win the Giro del Trentino after 40 editions of the short Italian stage race.


  7. 16:24:19 CEST

    In provisional results, Landa beat Kangert by just two seconds, with Fuglsang third overall at 14 seconds. 



  8. 16:23:40 CEST

    That was a thrilling finish. Landa risked losing the Giro del Trentino on the line. 


  9. 16:19:03 CEST

    But Landa has taken third and so holds onto the race lead to win overall thanks to a four-second time bonus.


  10. 16:17:37 CEST

    Kangert wins again! Could he snatch overall victory thanks to the time bonus? 


  11. 16:16:54 CEST

    Here we go. 


  12. 16:16:46 CEST

    The two are caught. It's going to be a sprit finish.


  13. 16:16:22 CEST

    1km remaining from 160.9km

    Ultimo Kilometro!


  14. 16:16:04 CEST

    Bachmann of Bora helps with the chase behind. The  10 chasers are only 100m behind now.  


  15. 16:15:02 CEST

    3km remaining from 160.9km

    Pirazzi and Peraud lead by 10 seconds.


  16. 16:14:20 CEST

    Fuglsang attacks again as Astana try to at least win the stage. Landa seems to have overall victory in his pocket.


  17. 16:13:03 CEST

    He is joined by Peraud.


  18. 16:12:41 CEST

    Pirazzi goes again and opens a gap. 


  19. 16:11:59 CEST

    Just like yesterday, Landa is able to respond to every attack.


  20. 16:11:29 CEST

    Landa is setting the pace as Fuglsang attacks again.


  21. 16:11:04 CEST

    5km remaining from 160.9km

    Dupont leads by just 100 metres.


  22. 16:10:44 CEST

    Dupont goes again to forces the others to chase.


  23. 16:10:00 CEST

    But the group comes back together.


  24. 16:09:44 CEST

    Fuglsang attacks again but Landa is there.


  25. 16:08:20 CEST

    The riders hit an 11% section of the climb.


  26. 16:06:52 CEST

    There are six riders left in the front group now.


  27. 16:06:33 CEST

    The Dane goes clear. But Landa quickly goes across to him with apparent ease.


  28. 16:05:58 CEST

    Fuglsang goes with him, pushing a big gear.


  29. 16:05:29 CEST

    Here we go! Pirazzi attacks! 


  30. 16:04:59 CEST

    8km remaining from 160.9km

    The final climb towards Cles is about to start.


  31. 16:02:40 CEST

    The pace has eased as the rider take a final gel and drink before the final attacks.


  32. 16:00:28 CEST

    Gruppo compatto! The trio have been caught with 10km to go. 


  33. 15:58:33 CEST

    The riders pass through Cles with 14km to go. The gap is down to five seconds as the riders face one final loop in the hills.


  34. 15:57:39 CEST

    The Val di Non is a spectacular backdrop for the racing today, with twisting roads through the apple trees and mountains.


  35. 15:55:57 CEST

    Landa seems relaxed and ready for the finale. Teammate Phil Deignan is still setting the chase and controlling Landa's key rivals.


  36. 15:54:20 CEST

    However the chasers can see them on a straight section of road.


  37. 15:53:23 CEST

    The four upfront are trying to gain time and so fight for the stage victory.

  38. 15:51:20 CEST

    Stefano Pirazzi (Bardiani-CSF) Matteo Busato (Southeast) attack the lead group and surge across to Scarponi and Dupont. Landa lets them go.


  39. 15:49:07 CEST

    The twisting road has lined out the chasers but Landa does not seem concerned about the Dupont/Scarponi attack.


  40. 15:46:41 CEST

    20km remaining from 160.9km

    Landa is tucked behind Deginan and the gap to the Scaponi/Dupont attack is coning down. There are 13 riders in the chase group and they are 20 second behind.


  41. 15:43:38 CEST

    Another group has closed the gap to the leaders, with Deignan now with Landa to help with the chase. The Irishman immediately goes to the front.


  42. 15:41:22 CEST

    Up front Scarponi and Dupont are on the attack for their leaders, trying to force Kanda to chase.


  43. 15:40:09 CEST

    The final climb up to Cles will be decisive today. First the riders face a 14km loop.


  44. 15:38:24 CEST

    Nibali is still off the back but Kangert is back on, making for eight riders up front.


  45. 15:36:58 CEST

    25km remaining from 160.9km

    Landa seems in control for now. He is able to respond to every attack from Astana and AG2R.


  46. 15:34:30 CEST

    The first to move is Pozzovivo!


  47. 15:34:06 CEST

    As the descent eases, the pace has dropped. We can expect attacks at any moment.


  48. 15:32:04 CEST

    Nibali is 20 seconds off the back of the front group but other riders are about to join him. 


  49. 15:30:27 CEST

    Riders are tucked low over their bikes as they dive down the descent.


  50. 15:28:37 CEST

    Astana is setting a steady pace on the descent in the hope Nibali gets back on. He could be useful for a late attack to take on Landa in the finale.


  51. 15:26:18 CEST

    35km remaining from 160.9km

    The front group reaches the summit and begin the 20km descent. 


  52. 15:25:41 CEST

    Pozzovivo is setting the pace to try to ensure Nibali is distanced and AG2R have a numerical advantage.


  53. 15:23:44 CEST

    Astana seem determined to put Landa under pressure. But the Basque rider seems cool and collected for now.


  54. 15:22:17 CEST

    Nibali and Foliforov are struggling but manage to hold onto the wheels.


  55. 15:21:53 CEST

    The Landa group comes up to the break and so the front of the race is all together. But Landa is alone now.


  56. 15:20:50 CEST

    Bardet is not hanging around and ups the pace in the break.


  57. 15:20:21 CEST

    Scarponi is with Bardet as they join up with Nibali and Foliforov.


  58. 15:19:06 CEST

    But now Fuglsang attacks to ensure Phil Deignan is dropped and so Landa is isolated.


  59. 15:18:32 CEST

    Bardet is making a serious push to join up with Nibali. Behind the 26-rider front group is riding at a steady pace. 


  60. 15:16:28 CEST

    Landa could soon find himself isolated.


  61. 15:16:06 CEST

    The riders face a 20km descent but then a tough, hilly final 20km.  


  62. 15:15:20 CEST

    Nibali surges out of the saddle but behind Romain Bardet is on the attack for AG2R.  


  63. 15:11:10 CEST

    The race is climbing through the apple trees that produce the famous Melinda apples in this region. 


  64. 15:10:03 CEST

    Landa is riding in the slipstream of his teammates on the climb, spinning a steady gear.


  65. 15:09:11 CEST

    Cunego is quickly dropped as the climb begin to hurt. However Foliforov is able to stay with Nibali for now.


  66. 15:07:16 CEST

    The Forcella d Brez climb is only 6km long but it is very steep, with an average gradient of 10%. 


  67. 15:06:22 CEST

    As the climb kicks we will see how strong Team Sky really are. Yesterday Landa was alone on the final climb after is teammates set the pace for much of the stage.


  68. 15:03:19 CEST

    It is an aggressive move by Nibali. He is also due to ride Liege-Bastogne-Liege on Sunday. 


  69. 15:02:29 CEST

    The gap is coming down rapidly now and is 1:25.


  70. 14:59:14 CEST

    50km remaining from 160.9km

    The AG2R team is helping Sky with the chase and the gap has fallen slightly to 1:50. 


  71. 14:54:38 CEST

    The Nibali trio are about to start the final major climb of the stag, the Forcella di Brez. It will confirm if Nibali has a chance of staying away and toppling Landa.


  72. 14:48:52 CEST

    Nibali lost more than two minutes in the overall classification on Thursday's stage and so is not a direct threat to Landa but he seems to want to challenge the Basque rider. The two will are also set to fight for victory at the rapidly approaching Giro d'Italia. 


  73. 14:47:28 CEST

    With 60km of tough racing remaining, the trio have a lead of 2:5 on the peloton lad by Team Sky.


  74. 14:46:03 CEST

    They attacked after just 40km of racing and opened a two-minute gap on the peloton.


  75. 14:45:07 CEST

    Also on the attack with Nibali is Damiano Cunego (Nippo Vini Fantini) and Russia's Alexander Foliforov (Gazprom).


  76. 14:43:48 CEST

    Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) is the break of the day and seemingly trying to blow the race apart with a long-range attack.


  77. 14:41:18 CEST

    Mikel Landa (Team Sky) began the final stage as race leader but he us under attack.  


  78. 14:40:20 CEST

     Buongiorno from Italy and welcome to our live coverage of the the final stage of the Giro del Trentino. 

    The action is under way and the riders will soon begin the decisive climb of the stage in the Val di Non.

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